Melissa Chapman

Melissa Chapman Local Taxpayer Advocate for the Phoenix, AZ

Melissa Chapman is the current Local Taxpayer Advocate for the Phoenix, Arizona office of Taxpayer Advocate Service.

Prior to her career with IRS, Melissa was a Licensed Residential Real Estate Appraiser and Licensed Real Estate Agent with a business located in Southeast Missouri.

When the housing market crashed in 2007, Melissa began her career with the IRS in Louisville, Kentucky in a Taxpayer Assistance Center before coming to Taxpayer Advocate Service

as a Case Advocate in 2010. Over her 14 year career, Melissa has helped individuals, businesses, Powers of Attorney and Congressional Aides with every tax issue imaginable. She has also served as a trainer, coach, instructor and mentor. A highlight of her career was teaching Military and International Tax Law to our Volunteer Tax sites virtually to bases in Germany and Kuwait. She has a heart for advocating for the unrepresented and being their voice before the IRS, especially low income individuals and small businesses. Participating in the Congressional Affairs Program, and working with Congressional staff on the NTA (National Tax Advocate) Legislative Recommendations has been an exciting part of her Tax Advocate role and she looks forward to bringing a positive experience to our taxpayers in Arizona dealing with federal tax issues.