Jason Silver, AFIT President, and Erin Collins, IRS National Taxpayer Advocate, at the summer 2022 seminar

Jason Silver, AFIT President, and Erin Collins
IRS National Taxpayer Advocate
at the summer 2022 seminar

From our President, Jason Silver, “AFIT is the neutral setting where controversial matters can be discussed, alternatives can be considered, and workable solutions can be identified.”

The Mission Statement adopted states, “to create and foster a spirit of understanding and cooperation among tax administrators, tax professionals, legislators, and taxpayers striving to continuously improve the quality of the American Tax System.  To achieve that purpose, we will:

  • Work collaboratively to educate taxpayers as to their rights and responsibilities within the taxlaw.
  • Work jointly to educate tax professionals and tax administrators through improved communication, team work, and timely dissemination of information.
  • Provide education, assistance, and feedback to legislators in the development and review of federal, state and local tax law.
  • Jointly develop solutions to problems which impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of tax administration.
  • Provide support and assistance to tax exempt organizations dedicated to the furtherance of the objectives stated above.”

At a meeting of veteran AFIT members, the tax practitioner community expressed that the greatest benefit to themselves and the taxpayers they represent is the opportunity to have an ongoing dialogue with liaisons from IRS and ADOR, who have the same interests in solving problems and understanding issues that affect Arizona taxpayers.

A representative of IRS to AFIT states that at AFIT, an issue can be brought forth by any tax organization so the issue can be taken back to the agency for discussion of the spectrum of consequences of possible action.  AFIT provides a forum for contacts between Internal Revenue Service, the Arizona Department of Revenue and the AFIT Board of Directors.

An ADOR representative, as liaison to the AFIT Board, values this forum as a place to identify and solve problems before situations worsen and ill-will arises.  He notes that even if a total solution is not possible, then at least a compromise can usually be reached.

The spirit at AFIT is to attack the problem, but never an individual.  Members work together in a cooperative, not an adversarial spirit.

Jason Silver,AFIT President, and Rob Woods, AzDOR Director at the summer 2023 seminar

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